Lookout for Monkey Magic

Do you remember the Japanese television show "Monkey"?

It ran on the ABC in the afternoons back in the early 80's, I think.

It first went to air in Japan in 1978 with the second seasons run finishing in 1980. 

It was dubbed into English and other languages so that the rest of the world could learn about the unlikely friends that travelled across China toward India to collect holy scriptures on behalf of the Buddah. 

It was full of martial arts action and silly gags and my brother and I loved it. There was also the eternal debate about whether the monk, Tripitaka, was a girl or a boy.

I was Pigsy (of course, always being in trouble for putting the stomach first) and he was Sandy (the fish god) sometimes and Monkey other times.

We had our own fighting staffs and pretended to have clouds. Seriously, Pigsy had the coolest cloud because it had a steering wheel.

The reason I mention Monkey today is because they are filming a remake called "The Legend Of Monkey" in New Zealand. I'm not totally sure about it but I'll reserve my opinion until I see the show.

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm writing about then read this excellent article by Dan Colasimone.

For an introduction (or flashback) to the original series you can watch below. Listen to the words of the show intro and you'll understand what the show is about. Listen to the show closer just for the joy of the song!

Ahhhh, Monkey ... the show left us ... irrepressible! 

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