Things We Believe Because Hollywood Told Us So

I heard about that young boy in China who jumped off his balcony with an umbrella in hand, thinking that rainy-day-device would allow him to float down ten stories to the ground below.

Luckily, a powerline (!!) interrupted the little fella's fall so the landing was not as bad as it could have been.

He is in hospital but he is alive.

I get annoyed with Hollywood movies and television shows for many reasons.

They change historical facts when they please and they set social standards at will. It is frustrating and upsetting when I see people, especially children, take elements from a fictional film as fact and end up hurting themselves and/or others.

On the upside, Mojo.com end up making interesting videos about such things!

Below is a video about guns and how they misrepresent the effects that the actual shooting of bullets has.