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Two Movie Trailers

Tomorrow "Justice League" launches in cinemas so I have a trailer for you below but also screening at the moment is "Murder On The Orient Express".

It seems that the big box office winners these days are re-makes and re-hashes. 

Anyone who reads comics (or has access to the Internet!) will have a basic idea of the characters and story of "Justice League" and anyone who has had even the smallest association with the works of Agatha Christie will be familiar with "Murder On The Orient Express".

Really, we shouldn't care.

It's always fun to be surprised by a plot twist or fresh character but with a movie it is mostly about the journey: great actors, witty lines, clever action sequences, and seemless digital graphics.

"The Dark Tower" had a corny ending but I forgave it because Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey were a magnificent team and with the films below I hope for a similar sense of satisfaction... Hopefully, you'll enjoy them too!