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Passionate About Passionfruit


Image: http://www.sydneymarkets.com.au/recipes-and-produce/recipes/passionfruit-cupcakes.html

When I was a kid I used to love passionfruit.

It seemed to grow everywhere, mainly on fences, so it was easy to find and very yummy.

The passionfruit I knew was always a deep purple colour but when I look at the Aussie Passionfruit website for Australian growers they sure don't look like what we used to eat!

If anyone can explain to me the difference between what is found in the stores these days and what was around when I was a child please email me!

But let's get on with the eating!!!

Here is a recipe for Passionfruit Cupcakes (pic above) from the Sydney Markets website.

And below is a video for a Passionfruit Souffle ... cooked in a mug (!!!) ... by SortedFood.