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Pumpkin Yumminess


Personally, I like a dry pumpkin. 

Bring on the Qld Blue or Jarrahdale, I say.

In my opinion, they are the best for roasting or using in scones and cakes.

Pumpkins are so versatile and I do love an American-style pumpkin pie. Fantastic flavour but I think more likely a dessert in this country rather than a side dish, as it is often classified in the U.S. But there are so many versions of it that you can probably have a version for each course!

The dish pictured above is from the Sydney Markets website. A recipe for a vegetarian Massaman Curry. Delicious!

Follow this link for a simple roast pumpkin salad.

And below is a video by Gordon Ramsay showing how to make a pumpkin risotto.