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Movie Mash - Film Stars and Liverpool

Today's Movie Mash is about the new release "Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool"

It is based on the book by Peter Turner about his love affair with Hollywood Silver Screen star, Gloria Grahame.

This looks like a good movie. One that tells a story and makes you feel something.

Even critics on Rotten Tomatoes give it a thumbs up.

I get the impression tissues might be required by the end.

Annette Bening is fabulous, even in the trailer. And hasn't Jamie Bell grown up! To Film Nerds: Okay, okay, I know he has done a lot since Billy Elliot but I'm stuck in the past on some issues and this is, apparently, an Arthouse piece, which makes a difference.

The trailer is below but also I want to draw your attention to the rather magnificent song that features within the trailer.

See and hear below "Don't Look At Me That Way" by Elvis Costello.