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"I'm A Vegan" commercial

I love a good commercial.

Remember those grand commercials that were once played with the "shorts" for a feature film at the cinema?

They were a few minutes long and usually advertised cigarettes or booze and they had glamourous actors/models along with some big Hollywood star and there was often an action sequence and it would be set at a location like Swiss mountains or rugged "wild west" plains or a huge yacht or blue, sparkling seas.

They were fun!
Now we look to the Internet for videos promoting stuff and agencies put plenty of effort into making "shorts" that we enjoy watching in the hope that we'll share them. And, of course, I give in because I appreciate that effort. Soooo looking forward to this year's Christmas advertisements!

Below is my current fav. I'm sharing because I like the way it has been done (it's funny!), this is not an endorsement of the product.