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Mr Bean Christmas Classic

It is Christmas Eve and many will be preparing for the Christmas feasting.

So what else could I do but share the Mr Bean Christmas episode where he ends up with a giant turkey on his head!

There is usually something that goes a bit pear-shaped with my Christmas dinner but I think that is part of the fun. 

I have spent a few Christmas days away from family and sometimes without friends either.

Wherever I was I would make sure I bought myself a small Christmas cake and some ham. This brought back good memories and helped me feel less lonely. And so if you are on your own please make sure you celebrate the season just for yourself.

If you are on your own at this time of year it can be tough and if it really gets to you make sure you reach out. Contact a friend if you are able or Lifeline. You might find some helpful information at Beyond Blue.

Also, try to laugh if you can.

I do hope you have a lovely Christmas.