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Movies About Music

So many great feature films have been produced about rock stars, pop stars, and gifted musicians and writers.

None are perfectly true (there is always a bit of argy-bargy whenever one comes out) but that's why they are classified as fiction rather than documentaries.

However, they give us some insight into a creative process and also a life experience that is not always what we imagine it would be. And, sometimes, answers questions tabloids have gossiped about for years.

What makes current versions of such films extra special is that the actors usually sing. Like, actually sing. And sing well. 

The latest one of these biopics is called "Rocketman", about the early days of Elton John.

Taron  Egerton plays Elton John and he is absolutely marvelous. Okay, I haven't seen the movie yet but, come on, Taron is awesome.