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Red Bellied Visitor

Back snake close.jpg

This little critter was basking on my garden bed yesterday (forgive the blurry photo - I didn't want to get too close!)

When approached it slithered under the fence then stuck his (her?) head back under a couple of times.

Red Bellied Black snakes were responsible for 16% of snakebites in Australia between 2005 and 2015, with no deaths recorded as a result of their bite.

They are not particularly aggressive and will escape from people if possible; if threatened they flatten their bodies and hiss loudly - giving you ample time to get out of range. I've been told this one will most likely move on in a few days to continue hunting elsewhere - I hope so!

If you encounter a Red Bellied Black or other snake on your property, there are several professional snake catching services in the Shoalhaven and Highlands, or you can call WIRES on 1300 094 737 (in the Highlands), or Wildlife Rescue South Coast in the Shoalhaven for expert advice.

Back snake.jpg