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Greedy Arachnids. WARNING: Gruesome nature below!

Garden Orbweaver 1.jpg

I'm glad I didn't walk into his web - this Garden Orbweaver snared a cicada overnight and was busily devouring it on my clothesline!

I guess it's one cicada that wont be waking me up tomorrow morning.

 Garden Orbweaver 2.jpg

The spider was slowly wrapping web around its prey.

Garden Orbweaver 4.jpg

Isn't mother nature awesome?!

Garden Orbweaver 3.jpg

Close up it looks like a scene from Starship Troopers!

Huntsman 1.jpg

Oh and this Huntsman caught a Christmas Beetle on my kitchen window last week.

Throw in yesterday's Red Bellied Black Snake and it feels like I'm living in a horror movie!