2022 Federal Election - 2ST

AEC makes decision on Gilmore re-count

vote here june 2

The Australian Electoral Commission has made a decision regarding the touted vote re-count for the Federal seat of Gilmore.

Australian Electoral Commission Director, Media & Digital Engagement Evan Ekin-Smyth, has confirmed that a recount will not be directed.

The request was considered carefully.

The counting process was undertaken in line with the Electoral Act and there was sufficient checking and re-checking of ballot papers during the scrutiny period (including the fresh scrutiny process).

The declaration of the poll for Gilmore is being reset with a time and location to be advised.

Image: Travis Winks

Better mobile & internet access at Bullio & Canyonleigh

angus may 12 2022

Ace Internet Services has been successful in its grant funding application to improve mobile phone and internet access in the Bullio and Canyonleigh areas.

Hume MP Angus Taylor and Minister for Regional Communications Bridget McKenzie are welcoming the investment in our region which is all part of of round two of the regional connectivity program.

$26,000 will be spent upgrading equipment at Bullio.

Ace Managing Director Allen Cupitt said a further $58,000 will be spent out at Canyonleigh.

"We're going off grid, because of the power issues we continually have,

"We'll be also be replacing mains power with battery and solar,"Mr. Cupitt said.

Image: Angus Taylor via Facebook

Candidates forum at Bundanoon

bundanoon candidates forum may 13 2022

An enthusiastic crowd of around 200 people attended the Bundanoon Federal Election Candidate's forum.

Eight of the nine candidates turned up, with Hume MP Angus Taylor unable to attend due to interstate commitments.

They were given the opportunity to speak individually and answer questions from the floor.

Organiser Christine Rowell - Miller said it was very much about issues at the federal level.

"Establishing a Federal ICAC and the voting system,

"One group said they had young people who would like to be able to vote at 16 and each of the candidates were asked about their thoughts regarding this,"Ms. Rowell - Miller said.

Image: Huw Kingston via Facebook

Constance not going away anytime soon

andrew constance july 13 2022

Former State MP Andrew Constance has confirmed he'll be contesting the seat of Gilmore again at the next Federal election.

Mr. Constance picked up almost 7000 more first preference votes than his opponent Fiona Phillips.

But Greens preferences helped Ms. Phillips across the line.

Mr. Constance said this is concerning.

"Fiona Phillips will no doubt carry out the Greens agenda,

"I think it's going to create some terrible issues, which we're already starting to see at council,

"We're seeing council already fail to hand over land for the Jervis Bay Road intersection,"Mr. Constance said.

After 20 years in state politics, Mr. Constance will be taking a break for a couple of months, before finding another job.

Image: Andrew Constance via Facebook

Federal election update for Gilmore


Member for Gilmore Fiona Phillips is holding a narrow two party preferred lead over Former New South Wales Minister Andrew Andrew Constance.

The latest figures from the Australian Electoral Commission show Labor on 50.98 per cent and Liberal on 49.02 per cent.

There has been an overall swing of 1.63 per cent to Andrew Constance.

Below is the first preference count:


Images: Andrew Constance via Facebook & Australian Electoral Commission

Federal Election update for Gilmore



The two candidate preferred vote for the seat of Gilmore is tightening.

The Australian Electoral Commission now has Andrew Constance at 50.05 percent and Fiona Phillips at 49.95.

That's a difference of just 104 votes.

Earlier today the AEC spotted a discrepancy in counting at the Gerringong booth where votes had been allocated to the wrong candidate.

gilmore may 24 2022 2

 Images: Australian Electoral Commission 

Federal election update for Hume

hume angus taylor may 22

Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor has retained the seat of Hume.

Mr. Taylor defeated Labor Candidate Greg Baines 57.59 per cent to 42.41 per cent two party preferred.

There was a swing of 5.40 per cent to Labor.

Below is the first preference count:

hume may 22 2022

Images: Angus Taylor via Facebook & Australian Electoral Commission 

Federal Election update for Whitlam

stephen jones may 22 2022

Member for Whitlam Stephen Jones has retained the seat the seat of Whitlam.

Mr. Jones leads Liberal Candidate Mike Cains two party preferred by 58.54 per cent to 41.46 per cent.

However there was a small swing of 2.7 per cent to Mr. Cains.

Below is a break up of the first preference count:

whitlam may 22 2022

Images: Stephen Jones via Facebook & Australian Electoral Commission

Fiona Phillips confirmed as Gilmore MP

fiona phillips june 16 2022

The Australian Electroral Commission has today confirmed that Labor's Fiona Phillips has won the federal seat of Gilmore.

Surrounded by supporters at the AEC facility at Port Kembla this morning, Ms Phillips thanked her family, supporters and staff, as well as acknowledging the other candidates and their families.

fiona phillips june 16 2022 2

AEC officials confirmed the final vote count, following the distribution of preferences on a two candidate basis, with Fiona Phillips recording 56,039 with Andrew Constance recording 55,666.

The Federal Liberal Party is refusing to concede the seat of Gilmore, candidate Andrew Constance was expected to meet with senior party officials this morning to consider where-to-next after the AEC refused a recount in the closely contested seat.

Mr Constance has declined to comment publicly but in a statement said they'll review the Commissioner's reason and won't rule out lodging a case with the Court of Disputed Returns.

Image: Wave FM

Funding pledge for botanic gardens

botanic gardens may 17 2022

The election promises keep coming.

Member for Whitlam Stephen Jones was in the Highlands today to announced that an Albanese elected Government will commit $500,000 towards an education centre at the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens.

Mr. Jones also presented certificates of appreciation to several volunteers to mark National Volunteer Week.

He said the funding needs to be stepped up so they can get an education centre which can double as a site for holding functions.

"Most importantly it's about educating people about the wonder of the gardens and all the flora which is on display,"Mr. Jones said.

Image: Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens via Facebook

Hume MP appointed Shadow Treasurer

angus taylor 19

Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor has been appointed Shadow Treasurer.

He's released the following statement regarding his new role:

I am humbled and honoured to be asked to serve as Shadow Treasurer by the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton.

My focus in this role will be on the aspirations of hardworking Australian families and businesses, particularly small businesses across the regions, the suburbs and the cities.

I appreciate that I am taking on this role at a turbulent and increasingly uncertain time for the global economy.

The last Parliament was confronted with extraordinary challenges from bushfires, floods, a global health and economic crisis, and more recently, the Russia-Ukraine war which is fueling a global economic downturn.

During this time, the Coalition stepped up and provided unprecedented economic support to keep Australians in their jobs, to support those unable to work and to keep small businesses alive.

We were clear then and we are clear now: these measures had to be temporary, targeted and scalable to the unique economic and health challenge we faced.

These measures supported Australia to emerge from COVID-19 in a world-leading position.

But as we come out the other side of the pandemic, the time has passed for these kinds of government interventions in the economy. With inflation rising in Australia and around the world, it is time to restore the Budget to a more sustainable footing.

The Coalition has given the Labor Party the toolkit it needs to continue Australia’s strong economic position with record low unemployment, strong GDP growth, historically low interest rates and the largest turn around to the budget bottom line in 70 years.

We put a speed limit on taxes – keeping them below 23.9 per cent of GDP. Labor has not done this.

They must take responsibility for what happens from here.

Labor’s $18.3 billion in promised extra spending and $45 billion in off-budget funds risks stoking inflation and putting at risk Australia’s AAA credit rating.

If Australia’s credit rating goes down, Australian families’ mortgage payments will go up – it's that simple.

We will hold Labor to account to ensure its heavy-handed approach does not lead to higher inflation, higher interest rates, higher taxes, or further drive-up prices for households and small businesses.

As Shadow Treasurer, I will consult with business, industry and experts on how we can work together to secure Australia’s prosperity, and support small businesses and aspirational, hard-working families.

Strong economic management is essential for Australians to realise their aspirations.

I look forward to working with my shadow ministerial colleagues and the Leader of the Opposition to ensure the Government delivers the policies our country needs at this important time.

Image: Office of Angus Taylor 

Hume MP tight lipped on leadership speculation

angus taylor may 23 2022

Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor is remaining tight lipped about whether he'll contest the Liberal Party leadership.

Mr. Taylor retained his seat but did record a swing of around five per cent against him which is on par with the national average.

Liberal Peter Dutton has held on to the Queensland seat of Dickson and is reportedly interested in the top job.

Mr. Taylor said it's still early days.

"Way too early to speculate on any of these leadership issues right now,

"We're obviously still watching the counting and there's still lots more seats to be resolved in the Upper House and Lower House,

"When the time comes those leadership discussions will happen,"Mr. Taylor said.

Queensland MP Stuart Robert has rejected suggestions Mr Dutton, the former Defence Minister, could take the Liberal party further to the right.

"The key thing for the Liberal-Nationals parties is to represent aspiration," he told Nine Network on Monday.

"We have always been a sensible centre-right party and that is where which we should stay.

"Peter Dutton would make an excellent leader in terms of bringing everyone together."

Image: Office of Angus Taylor via Facebook

Labor candidate hoping to make inroads

greg baines may 12 2022

Labor Candidate for Hume Greg Baines said he' sensing an appetite for change in the electorate, while at the same time acknowledging he's still the underdog.

Mr. Baines was one of the eight candidates who attended last night's candidates forum at Bundanoon.

He'll be based at pre -poll centres in Goulburn and Camden up until election day.

Anthony Albanese has thrown his support behind a wage increase of five-point-one percent, and Mr, Baines also believes something will have to be done.

"I think it's really important that we support those on some of our lowest wages,

"They happen to be the people that looked after us during covid,"Mr. Baines said.

Image: Greg Baines via Facebook

Official declaration for seat of Whitlam

stephen jones june 17 2022

The Australian Electoral Commission has officially declared Stephen Jones the winner of the seat of Whitlam today.

Mr. Jones received just over 60 per cent of the two candidate preferred vote ahead of Liberal Candidate Mike Cains.

He said he's looking forward to getting down to business.

"It's a great honour and I want to thank the people of this wonderful area for putting their faith in me once again,

"I pledge to serve you all to the best of my ability,"Mr. Jones said.

Image: Stephen Jones via Facebook

Pre polling for the 2022 federal election


The first votes of the 2022 federal election have been cast with almost a dozen early voting centres opening across the electorates of Cunningham, Whitlam and Gilmore.

The Australian Electoral Commission would prefer residents vote on May 21 but early voting is available if circumstances prevent that.

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said a number of COVID-19 safety measures will be in place at early voting centres and on election day.

"Australians have been living with COVID for more than two years now.

"For most people you're visiting the shops regularly, attending events or taking public transport – voting centres will havemore protections in place than most areas of society," he said.

Dedicated AEC hygiene officers will be regularly sanitising surfaces and pencils at all early voting centres.


Social distancing will be in force with equipment spaced out, markers and other signage providing guidance and queue controlling staff offering support.

Rogers conceded that socially distanced queuing, venue capacity limits and required sanitising arrangements will undoubtedly slow down the voting process.

"Nobody likes to wait, and we work hard on minimising queues for Australian voters as much as possible.

"The fact is that when you run an in-person process to the scale of a federal election where people effectively choose when and where they attend, and then you add COVID safety on top, you simply cannot prevent all queues," he said.

AEC staff will be wearing masks and other personal protective equipment as required.

Whitlam: Early voting centres are located at the Albion Park Centenary Hall and the Warilla Senior Citizens Centre.

Cunningham: Early voting centres are located at the Dapto Ribbonwood Centre, Warrawong Plaza, Corrimal District Library and Community Centre at the Salvation Army in Wollongong.

Gilmore: Early voting centres are located at the Joyce Wheatley Community Centre in Kiama, Nowra Uniting Church, Worrigee Shopping Village, Huskisson Community Centre and the Ulladulla Civic Centre.

Image: AEC & Peter Andrea 

Scheduled declaration cancelled


Today's scheduled declaration for the seat of Gilmore has been cancelled after Liberal Candidate Andrew  Constance lodged a formal request for a recount.

In a statement, Mr. Constance said his scrutineers have raised concerns in relation to certain aspects of the process, particularly the scrutiny of informal votes.

Given the close result, he believes there are strong grounds for a recount and he's submitted a request to the Australian Electoral Commissioner.

Mr. Constance won't be providing any further comment at this stage.

Image: Michael Verch Professional/Flickr

Shooters & fishers standing candidate in Hume

shooters and fishers may 13 2022

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party is hoping to replicate their success at a state level.

The party holds seat in Orange and Barwon and is standing a candidate in Angus Taylor's federal seat of Hume.

Ross Seller has a background in accounting and law and runs a farm out on Wombeyan Caves Road.

He's spoken to 2st's Graeme Day about poor mobile phone coverage in parts of the Southern Highlands.

"We've got marginal phone coverage here, but further into town on Greenhills Road the coverage drops out.

"I don't know how that can happen, but I drove the other day from Bathurst to Goulburn and my mobile phone didn't work the whole way down, except in Crookwell,

"You've got a real disaster on your hands if people can't get help during an emergency,"Mr. Seller said.

Image: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party via Facebook