HMAS Albatross - 2ST

Top Brass says navy Greenwell Point pre-dawn march is ON


The navy WILL be taking part in the Anzac Day pre-dawn march at GREENWELL POINT after all.

A meeting had been planned for today between FRED DAWSON from the Nowra RSL sub branch and the Executive Officer of HMAS Albatross over a Defence Department decision stopping Albatross personnel from marching in the dark because of safety concerns.

The decision stunned the whole of the Shoalhaven and DEBBIE RAYNOR from Nowra RSL says it lit up the whole of Australia..." We're getting calls from all over the country from different media organisations. As you know there's quite a large community engagement as to the topic. So,yea, it's certainly getting out there." 

In fact it got right to the top with the Chief of Navy himself Vice Admiral Mike Noonan telling a senate estimates hearing on Wednesday night " the people from HMAS Albatross will march on Anzac Day prior to sunrise and we will take sufficient safety mitigation prior to that activity."

Photo source: 2st/Power news stock.