lounge - 2ST

Warning - Didn't happen here - but it could!


At 4am Friday Fire and Rescue Busby were called to a fire that had occurred on a lounge. 

On arrival they found  a fire involving a mobile phone charging cable and the lounge it was sitting on had been extinguished by the resident but the house was still heavily smoke logged. 

The family had been alerted to the fire by their smoke alarm, mum and dad quickly extinguished the outbreak before evacuating with their 2 small children and ringing triple zero. 

Firefighters made sure the fire was completely extinguished, while the smoke cleared  quickly through open doors and windows and the air was checked for carbon monoxide with a gas detector. 

The family was cleared of any serious injury after being examined by paramedics. 

Remember: do not leave your mobile devices charging overnight sitting on lounges or beds and that only WORKING smoke detectors save lives.

Photo source: NSW Fire and Rescue