men's table - 2ST

The Men's Table comes to Kangaroo Valley


Men in Kangaroo Valley will tonight have a chance to meet and talk openly and honestly, connecting with others without fear of being judged.

That's the aim of the Men's Table, which is coming to the Valley with an introductory meeting, called an entree, at the Friendly Inn tonight.

Regional host for the men's table in NSW, and Berry table member, Michael Collins, said the entree meeting will focus on the organisation's guiding principles, called the fundamentals.

"The fundamentals are meeting principles on how to have geed conversations, and also to deal with tricky stuff as well when men gather, so that we can actually share what's really going on for ourselves - the highs and lows of what's going on in our lives," he said.

Mr Collins said that was a different experience for some men, but it was all about having conversations with more substance, and establishing deeper connections, than men often have.

"The superficial conversations that we have with a lot of our mates can actually be the conversations that  we really want to have - not going past sharing our feelings, sharing the highs, the good stuff and the bad stuff, maybe even being vulnerable about what's going on in our lives and just being listened to," he said.

Being listened to and being heard was a key component of the meetings, Mr Collins said.

"We have a rule about not fixing each other - one of the favourite rules, I think 98 per cent of men quote that as their favourite rule," he said.

"Guys tend to want to turn up and if you've got a problem it's like 'You're just having a whinge,' and then some guy will come up with a story about how he's going to fix you because guys just tend to do that stuff.

"But that's not really what helps good listening, and it's not necessarily what men need.

"They don't want to be fixed by someone else, they possibly just want to turn up and get the stuff that's in their head, out of their head and onto the table."

Anyone interested in attending tonight's meeting in Kangaroo Valley, or future meetings of Men's Tables in other areas, can contact Mr Collins on 0450 612 358.