Anger over NDIS leads to plans for Shoalhaven rally


A rally over failures in the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to be held in Nowra next month.

The  says the NDIS promises a brighter future for thousands of Australians, but the promise is falling short.

They say complicated planning processes, lots of red tape and inadequate funding in participants plans arecausing problems. 

They've called and NDIS Day of Action Rally for May 3 in Nowra School of Arts .. to call on both major political parties to deliver on the promise.

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Nowra rally to call for changes to the N-D-I-S


A rally is planned for this Friday in Nowra calling on both major political parties to make the National Disability Insurance Scheme work.

The Illawarra Disability Alliance says while the NDIS promised a brighter future for hundreds on the Coast and Highlands.. that promise is falling well short.

ROY ROGERS from the Alliance says they want to draw the attention of the election candidates to the problems and where improvements can be made.." well it's about drawing attention. At the moment we've got all the candidates in Gilmore vying for the seat, so it's about drawing attention for the candidates so they can go back to government and make sure that NDIS addresses the shortfalls and  the improvements." 

The NDIS Day of Action Rally will be held at the Nowra School of Arts at 9am Friday.

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