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Burnt-out car causes bushfire at West Nowra


Shoalhaven Heads 1 and 7 responded to reports of a fire in the vicinity of Yalwal Road along with, West Nowra Rural Fire Brigade, Cambewarra Rural Fire Brigade, and Greenwell Point Rural Fire Brigade.

As initial crews arrived on the scene, a bush fire was identified along a fire trail.

This fire was approximately 150m x 300m and assumed to be started due to a nearby burnt-out car.

A tactical backburn was put in along the Western side to tie in the fire and thus, not allowing it to jump the trail.

Once the fire was completely contained and blacked out, all crews returned home safely.

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Man hit by vehicle during fight - Nowra


A man has been injured after stumbling in front of a small bus in North Nowra overnight.

Police say around 1.30am two men had allegedly been fighting at the side of Illaroo Road near Halcot Avenue, when one of them fell out onto the roadway and into the path of the oncoming bus.


Ambulance officers say it was fortunate the vehicle was travelling at low speed and the 34-year-old was taken to hospital in a stable condition with minor lacerations and head injuries.


The driver of the bus meantime was also taken to hospital for mandatory testing.

Inquiries are continuing.

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NBN connecting more villages in the Shoalhaven


More businesses and homes across the Shoalhaven are set to have access to ultrafast broadband following NBN Co’s announcement of the latest suburbs and towns across Australia that will become eligible to upgrade to NBN’s Fibre to the Premises. 

Sussex Inlet, Mollymook Beach, North Nowra, Callala Bay, Broulee, and Callala Beach are to be hooked up.

Homes and businesses will be able to access ultrafast internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second, otherwise known as 1,000 megabits per second – or blazing-fast broadband. 

Work to hook up the Fibre to the Node network is underway. 

NSW Senator Jim Molan said it will provide a much-needed boost to economic activity and employment in the region. 

Click here for more information on the new towns and suburbs.

Click here for more information on the NBN.

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Nowra Bridge upgrade - Illaroo Road changes


Motorists will have their first opportunity to drive on new sections of Illaroo Road between the Princes Highway and Fairway Drive from this weekend. 

Senator for NSW Jim Molan said major traffic changes coming into effect on Friday would enable crews to continue widening and lowering the southern side of the existing Illaroo Road as part of the Nowra Bridge project. The construction phase of the project is expected to cost $310 million and is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.

“This game-changing project will deliver a new four-lane bridge over the Shoalhaven River, upgraded intersections and additional lanes on the Princes Highway that will improve traffic flow and ease congestion through the Nowra and Bomaderry areas,” Senator Molan said.

“The work will remove the steep grade of the road and create a safer intersection with the Princes Highway.

“These changes will be in place until mid-2022, weather permitting, and Illaroo Road will have seven lanes when the upgrade is complete in mid-2024.”

Lane restrictions and a lowered speed limit of 40 km/h will be in place on Illaroo Road from 9 am Friday, 13 August to 6 am Monday 16 August, weather permitting.

Changes include moving traffic north onto the new lowered section of Illaroo Road, with the northbound left-turn slip lane from the highway to be temporarily removed as part of this work.

Road users wishing to turn left onto Illaroo Road will come to a stop at the traffic lights and wait for the green left arrow to proceed.

State Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock said traffic on Illaroo Road will operate with one lane in each direction during the day and this will be reduced to one lane with stop/slow traffic conditions at night, along with occasional partial lane closures on the Princes Highway during this time.

“As of Monday, Illaroo Road will once again be two lanes in each direction with road users following the new traffic lights at the intersection with the Princes Highway and using a new roundabout at the intersection with Fairway Drive,” Mrs Hancock said.

“The footpath on the southern side of Illaroo Road will remain open for pedestrian and mobility access, and access to properties and Fairway Drive will be maintained at all times.

“We understand that these traffic changes might be confusing for some road users initially and we appreciate their patience as this marks another exciting step forward for the project.

“We’re also reminding the community that we’re seeking feedback via an online questionnaire about the community’s experience with the project team during construction, which can be completed anonymously until Friday, 13 August.”

Princes Highway traffic between Bridge Road and Moss Street will also shift west on the morning of Friday 13 August, weather permitting.

This will allow the project to create a safe work area on the eastern side of the highway to connect the new Shearwater Way with the widened highway.

Night work will be required in preparation for these traffic changes and will include asphalting, line marking, and installing temporary traffic barriers and street lighting.


The footpath and underpass between Harry Sawkins Park and Campbell Place will be temporarily closed from Monday, 16 August for up to two months, weather permitting, to allow the extension of the pedestrian underpass under the widened highway lanes.

Path users will be detoured via the Moss Street and Princes Highway pedestrian crossing, and the Nowra Skate Park will remain open during this work.

In addition to these traffic and pedestrian changes, there will be a weekend closure of Bridge Road between the Princes Highway and Hyam Street later this month and a weekend closure of Bolong Road in September.

Visit for more information or to complete the feedback form.

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Questions asked about Nowra's $40M road to nowhere


A road funded by the Federal Government four years ago to help alleviate traffic congestion during the new Nowra Bridge's construction has still not been built, and Shoalhaven Council candidate Serena Copley is asking why.

She says the government gave Shoalhaven Council $13.9 million in 2017 to build the 1.8km Northern Collector Road, and another $32 million a few years later.

Yet to date only a roundabout has been built.

"After four years and $13.9 million, and a further funding of $32 million by the Federal Government, to date we have a roundabout," she said.

"Where's the rest of it?"

"The Northern Collector Road was meant to alleviate traffic congestion prior to the commencement of construction of the new Shoalhaven River Bridge, however, it looks like the bridge will be finished long before council starts building the link road," Ms Copley said.

"Residents of North Nowra, Bangalee, Tapitalee, and surrounds have been significantly impacted by traffic congestion as part of the major construction works occurring at the Illaroo Road and Princes Highway intersection.


"The Northern Collector Road was meant to alleviate some of this pain. The council has simply failed to deliver this essential piece of infrastructure right when residents need it the most!

"Shoalhaven City Council received 100 per cent of the funding to complete the Northern Collector Road from the Federal Government - it is simply unacceptable that they have been unable to deliver it within four years," Ms Copley said.

"You can only imagine the frustration of residents of Bangalee, Tapitallee and North Nowra, driving through a round about and past this non-existent road to then be met with traffic jams down on Illaroo Road, and asking 'Why don't we have this road yet?'"

Local resident and fellow candidate Fred Campbell OAM said the mayor turned the first sod on the Northern Collector Road more than a year ago, yet not even a metre of road had been laid.

"This road was touted as connecting two of the fastest growing communities in the Shoalhaven, yet little has been achieved to date," Mr Campbell said.

"Local residents who travel north have been looking forward to this road for years and don't understand why council hasn't even started building it.

"Shoalhaven City Council must explain to the community why they have failed to deliver this important piece of infrastructure and commit to a timetable going forward," Mr Campbell said.

Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley said the first stage of building the collector road was always going to be building the roundabout on Illaroo Road, which had been completed.

"There's been a number of issues with the geotechnical studies in that area, and the geotechnical studies confirmed council's worst fears that there needed to be funding applied for to finish the project," Cr Findley said.

"So now the geotechnical issues have been cleared, the funding has been approved, the work will be able to commence."

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Spitter charged with assaulting Police following an alleged break and enter


An Ulladulla man has been charged after allegedly assaulting a police officer following a break and enter in the Shoalhaven.

Police were called to a home on Page Avenue, North Nowra late Saturday night, after reports a man entered the premises of an elderly couple.

The man fled the home to a nearby school, with officers arresting him following a foot pursuit.

Officers deployed OC spray during the arrest before the 44-year-old man allegedly spat and coughed on police while claiming he had COVID-19.

During a search of the school boundary, officers located items believed to have been stolen from the home.

He was taken to Nowra Police Station and charged with aggravated break and enter, commit a serious indictable offence, stalk/intimidate intend fear physical, harm, demand property with menace, destroy or damage property, assault police, and not comply noticed direction re spitting/coughing - COVID-19.

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TAFE unlocks farming career options for Nowra's Caitlin


Australia's agriculture sector is facing a massive worker shortage, and North Nowra's Caitlin Edmunds is just one of the people using TAFE training to unlock careers on the land.

She left her retail job a couple of years ago to work on a local dairy farm, and found she loved looking after animals.

The 23-year-old is now on the verge of completing a Certificate 3 in Agriculture at Nowra TAFE, and says it has opened up a world of opportunities.

"It's a pretty overall covering course, so now I'm thinking I could end up shearing sheep, I could end up running around with a flock of geese at a duck farm,  who knows?" Ms Edmunds said.

"I just want to be out there looking after animals."

Ms Edmunds discovered her love of farm animals when she started working on a local dairy farm, but admitted she had no experience and no idea what she was walking into.

"I was so nervous the first day but when I walked in I fell in love, then after a year  of working there I was like 'Right, now I'm going to go do some study for this so I can get further along,' now I don't think I could ever go back to an inside job," she said.

Ms Edmunds said farm work offered so many things that retail could not.

"Well, I love animals. and I like looking after things and watching them grow or recover, and it was just very therapeutic for me to be in that type of environment," she said.

"Some people might think it's yucky but getting dirty, working hard physically, but having mental time to myself while being surrounded by all these animals that all have different personalities, also just looking after the calves and watching them grow, and releasing them into the field and watching them have a hay day - I just love every single bit of it."

That passion is something the agriculture sector is looking for as it faces a massive worker shortage.

National Farmers’ Federation president Fiona Simson said ensuring the booming agriculture industry had the workforce to meet future demand was a centrepiece of its recently released 2030 Roadmap, which outlined the NFF’s vision to grow the agricultural workforce by 25 per cent over the next decade.

And she the critical role TAFE will play in training the next generation of agriculture professionals, as the region’s farmers enjoy one of their best seasons on record.

“Vocational education is key to nurturing agriculture’s future workforce and TAFE NSW is at the forefront of vocational education,” Ms Simson said.

“TAFE NSW offers students an invaluable combination of theory and practical experience, which means graduates are ready to hit the ground running. “

Her comments come on the back of a record year for farmers and just days out from National Agriculture Day on November 19, with this year’s event showcasing the increasingly diverse and rewarding career opportunities available in the industry.

The Australian Bureau of Agriculture, Resource Economics and Sciences has released data predicting the farming sector would reach a historically high value of $73 billion in 2021-22.

And a recent study commissioned by Hort Innovation predicted harvest labour alone could be short a staggering 24,000 casual workers by 2022.