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Nasty act of vandalism at Burrill Lake


Vandalism at Burrill Lake last week has a sinister feel about it.

Vandals cut into the rigging of training canoes stored at the Barker Park Reserve.

However it was done in such a way that it wouldn't be noticed until it was too late.. and fall apart in the middle of the lake.

The canoes are used by ladies in their late 60's and early 70's and the vandalism spotted by one of them just before she was about to head out for a paddle.

The ladies say the incident has left them baffled and have urged others to be wary.

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Severed head results in better shark protection in Jervis Bay


An apparent attempt to intimidate shark protection activists has backfired.

After an activist's car was vandalised and a severed tiger shark head left on the bonnet last week during the White Sands Fishing Tournament, the Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club moved to ban sharks being killed in its competitions.

The club said shark fishing would no longer be promoted or encouraged during its comps, and any sharks caught legally would need to be tagged and released.

The move followed an ugly incident last week during the White Sands Fishing event, when a severed shark's head was left on a shark protection activist's car.

Spray paint was also used to cover signs on a trailer being towed by the car, in an incident being investigated by police.

The vehicle's owners had earlier shared a video of a tiger shark being weighed at the club's gantry, which created widespread condemnation of sharks being caught and killed.

The club responded by apologising to anyone affected by the events, and changing its approach to shark fishing.

The club statement said, "As a response to the recent feedback from the community, our sponsors, our members and several local businesses, JB GFC would like to respond to our future position on shark fishing.

"JB GFC prides itself on being one of the most environmentally aware, ecological and educational fishing clubs.

"We have pioneered several tournaments in the past as primarily tag and release, using practices that protect our marine environment at all times, conducting joint scientific research with NSW Fisheries and universities throughout the season.

"To continue this legacy, we as a club would like to announce the immediate cessation of all shark capture categories in all our future tournaments.

"Shark fishing will no longer be promoted or encouraged, however any sharks that are caught legally will be permitted to be tagged and released only.

"Points will only be claimable in this category.

"This will allow crucial research on fish migrations to continue to be recorded and monitored.

"We hope this will encourage our members who happen to hook a shark, to release it, as opposed to keeping it for trophy, sporting or personal reasons.

"JB GFC would like to apologise to any persons who were affected by the recent events that occurred during the weekend of our Whitesands Tournament on the 3, 4 and 5 of December.

"We believe our future commitment on shark fishing is in line with our community and member expectations and look forward to continue to enjoy the pristine waters in and around Jervis Bay with all our surrounding businesses and marine enthusiasts."

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Shoalhaven Council investigates vandal attack on trees


Shoalhaven Council is investigating ongoing tree and vegetation vandalism at Collingwood Beach.

Council’s Director of City Development, Phil Costello, said tree and vegetation vandalism had a significant impact on the local environment and went against community values.

And it showed people did not understand the important role vegetation played on the coast, he said.

“Vegetation growing on dune systems protects nearby infrastructure from erosion and provides crucial habitat for many endemic animal species," Mr Costello said.

Coastal dunes provide very important protection against coastal hazards such as wind erosion, excessive wave action and tidal overruns during storm events."

Mr Costello said that “any assistance from members of the public would be greatly appreciated and rewards are on offer where the information provided may lead to the identification of the individuals responsible”. 

Council is encouraging residents to take an active approach in understanding the need for coastal areas to remain in a natural vegetated condition and assist us to protect not only the natural environment, but in the longer-term people’s homes and properties. 

Image: Shoalhaven City Council

Theft & vandalism in Colo Vale

colo vale vandalism november 25 2021

Police have been contacted about a number of vandalism and theft incidents at Colo Vale.

Between November 9 and 11 the culprits attempted to take the bronze ADF emblem at the war memorial, tried to gain access to the men's shed and broke a number of locks at the hall.

A push bike was also taken and Men's Shed Coordinator Steve Clarke said it's incredibly frustrating.

"We're all working really hard as all volunteers do,

"Our hall is actually owned by the community and is not council owned, as some people think,"Mr. Clarke said.

Locals residents are being asked to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour in the area.

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Image: Steve Clarke