Enhancing Penrose Village Centre

May 27, 2024 2:11 pm in by

Residents of Penrose are eagerly anticipating the commencement of drainage upgrade works along Penrose Road, which are set to proceed as part of the four-year Capital Works Program outlined in the Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2024/25, currently available for public review.

Daniel Medd, a resident of Penrose, shared his thoughts on the significance of these developments for the community: “It means a lot to our community that Council has included the Penrose Road Drainage Upgrade in its 2024/2025 budget to address the significant safety issues on Penrose Road in our village centre.”

Council has allocated $300,000 for the upgrade project which, as result of kerb and shoulder improvements along the road, will in turn enhance the Penrose Village Centre with formalised street parking, a designated road crossing point, improved bus stop location and landscaping.

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Regarding the impact on Penrose residents, Daniel emphasised, “Currently, people drive through the Penrose centre without even realising they are passing through a village.

The proposed works will better define the village centre, with the kerbing pinch point slowing traffic and providing a safer crossing point for pedestrians, especially school children.”

Daniel further highlighted that the project will beautify and define the heart of Penrose Village, connecting it with the train station, railway crossing, and the new Village Hall.

As highlighted in the report currently on public exhibition, over the next four years Wingecarribee Shire Council plans to invest more than $403 million in critical assets including roads, footpaths and water and sewage assets.


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