Local architect labels DA processing times as ” Disastrous “

April 26, 2023 7:43 pm in by
Wingecarribee Council livestreaming

A Moss Vale Architect has described Wingecarribee Council’s DA approval times as ” disastrous “.

Kathy Barnsley has lived in the Highlands for 32 years and spoke about the issue at today’s extraordinary meeting.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear about what’s going on up to date, in terms of approval times,

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“It’s disastrous, two years ago applications were able to be approved in my office in two to three months,

“Last year it blew out to five to six months and currently I’ve got applications waiting up to eight months,”Ms Barnsley said.

Administrator Viv May told yesterday’s extraordinary meeting that residents should be able to look online to see what’s happening.

“Including internal referrals, telephone conversations etc etc,

“It should be all open to the public to make it easier, so the likes of Ms. Barnsley don’t have to sit on the phone for half an hour and wait,”Mr. May said.

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Ms. Barnsley added that she’s had many clients who’ve tossed in their projects because of the increase in building costs over the eight months.


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