NRMA switches on its Mittagong charger

December 21, 2023 8:33 am in by

The NRMA has launched the latest in its National Highway Network of Electric Vehicle chargers in Mittagong, adopting new battery technology for the first time in Australia.

The battery-integrated solution will provide fast charging up to 150kW using a standard 27kW connection to the grid, with the remaining power stored in supporting battery banks until required.

The integrated solution means the unit can be deployed without significant upgrades to the grid, reducing the time required to establish electric vehicle charging in locations where power supply is an issue.

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The NRMA unveiled the new charger in The Mittagong RSL carpark as part of its partnership with the Australian Government to build 117 chargers across the National Highway Network.

The charger can deliver up to 150 kilometres of range in just 10 minutes, enhancing the convenience of EV charging and reducing wait times while addressing the needs of both casual and long-distance EV users.

NRMA Energy CEO Carly Irving-Dolan said using a range of technology solutions was necessary to build a robust and reliable charging network.

“Battery-integrated chargers are commonly found overseas, but this is the first time this
technology will be deployed here in Australia,” Ms Irving-Dolan said.

In some locations, upgrades to the grid would prove too costly and time-consuming to be viable.

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The deployment of this type of infrastructure allows the NRMA to connect straight to the grid with minimal delay, while still providing maximum charge to EV drivers.


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