USS Oakland friendly invasion into Jervis Bay

November 2, 2023 11:29 am in by

A US warship has been taking part in military exercises out of Jervis Bay .

USS Oakland was last reported off the Shoalhaven Coast and boaters have been advised to stay at least a kilometre away from the vessel.

Crews from Marine Rescue Jervis Bay have been stood down after a 24 hour patrol with the warship enforcing the no-go-zone around USS Oakland.

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JB Marine Rescue Commander John Hill said, “The tasking was a valuable training exercise for the volunteer crew.”

The 128 metre long USS Oakland is part of ‘Integrated Battle Problem’ which is a Pacific Fleet exercise to test, develop and evaluate the integration of unmanned platforms into fleet operations.

Defence has advised the Beecroft Weapons Range is off limits tomorrow for a live firing exercise.