Tulip Time- The Hunt for Mary Poppins Missing Umbrella

September 11th to 24th

Prize for Finding the Missing Umbrella

Cash prize of $900

Listen for the last clue, which we will provide during 2ST's Breakfast In The Park on Tuesday the 24th of September, then be the first person to locate Mary Poppins' umbrella and return it to Graeme Day in Leighton Gardens to win the prize.

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Please scroll down to see the clues.

Daily Clues

The final clue will be revealed in Leighton Gardens Moss Vale just after 8am on September 24th at Breakfast in the Park

Missing Umbrella - Clue 1

To find Mary's Umbrella you will have to look high and low. Where is the location, keep the clues to know!!


Missing Umbrella - Clue 2

The wind blows north, south, east and west. To which town will the umbrella blow. Think about it and do your best.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 3

PL Travers lived in Bowral and wrote the book. To win the cash on the day be with us and have a close look.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 4

Fly, fly, fly a kite, you can do it here. Find the umbrella and the money is yours. Keep listening it will be come clear.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 5

To find Mary’s umbrella it will take a lot. Will it be near the lane with Cherry Trees or not.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 6

Take a walk in the park and all will be revealed. You may think the last clue is strange and funny. Find Mary's umbrella and win the money.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 7

Mary Poppins films there have been 2. To win the money head to the town with the Cinema that could only seat a few.


Missing Umbrella - Clue 8

Go to the town with a Cannon if you want to win. There will be 2 more clues, work them out and that will cause you to grin.




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