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Latest on the spread of coronavirus




* More than 111,600 people have been infected by the coronavirus across the world and more than 3800 have died, according to a Reuters tally.

* Mainland China, outside Hubei province, reported no new locally transmitted coronavirus cases for the second day on Monday, but an official warned people against dropping their guard.


* Italy, with 7375 cases and 366 deaths, sealed off much of its industrial north, where six prisoners were killed in a riot over curbs on visits. The government also ordered cinemas, theatres and museums to close, cancelled sporting events and told shops and restaurants to ensure patrons remained at least a metre apart.

* Spain, with 999 cases and more than 20 deaths, will close schools in the Basque capital, one of its worst-hit areas.

* Germany on Monday reported 210 new cases, taking its total to 1112.

* Britain, which has 319 cases and three deaths, said anyone returning from areas in northern Italy - placed under lockdown - must self-isolate.

* New infections in the Netherlands increased to 321 on Monday, up from 264 a day earlier.

* Albania and Bulgaria reported their first cases.


* Argentina marked Latin America's first death on Saturday, after Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Peru announced their first cases.

* Costa Rica reported nine infections on Sunday, up from five a day earlier.

* Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a 60-day state of emergency on Sunday as cases in the state doubled to 14.

* The US Food & Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to companies selling products that claim to prevent, treat or cure COVID-19.

* Americans, especially those who are vulnerable, may need to stop attending big gatherings as the coronavirus spreads through US communities, a health official said on Sunday, not ruling out large-scale quarantines.


* Foreigners in China's capital Beijing should refrain from unnecessary travel during the outbreak, a local government official said.

* South Korea reported 165 new coronavirus cases, bringing the national tally to 7478, while the death toll rose to 51.

* Japan is set to revise a law allowing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to declare a formal state of emergency, if needed, as the number of infections reached 1190.

* Singapore will allow cruise ship Costa Fortuna to dock in the city-state on Tuesday, after it was turned away from ports in Malaysia and Thailand.

* Vietnam on Monday decided to temporarily suspend visa-free travel from eight European countries: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

* North Korea flew dozens of diplomats out of the country to Russia on Monday, including the staff of the German, French and Swiss missions which were shut amid concerns.


* Iran, with 7161 cases and 237 deaths, the third highest after China and Italy, temporarily released around 70,000 prisoners.

* Qatar said it was suspending schools and universities to control the outbreak.

* Nigeria has a second confirmed case, its health minister said.

* A 60-year-old German tourist has died in Egypt, becoming its first fatality from the new coronavirus.

* Saudi Arabia reported four new cases on Monday, bringing the total to 15. On Sunday, it imposed a temporary lockdown on its eastern Qatif province, home to a large Shi'ite Muslim population.

* Thirteen Americans quarantined in a West Bank hotel tested negative and will leave soon.


* China announced more measures to support airlines, reducing airport and air control fees, as well as postponing the upcoming summer season flight plan.

* Europe needs to come up with a "massive" economic stimulus plan to cope with the outbreak, France's finance minister said on Monday.

* The cost of insuring exposure to debt issued by governments and banks rose sharply on Monday with those at the centre of the outbreak and oil exporters seeing levels spike to multi-month highs.

* The epidemic will cause global FDI to shrink by 5-15 per cent from previous forecasts, resulting in only marginal growth in 2020-21, with automotive, airlines and energy industries hit hardest, a UN report indicated.


* Global stocks plunged on Monday and prices for crude oil tumbled as much as 33 per cent after Saudi Arabia launched a price war with Russia, sending investors already worried by the coronavirus fleeing for the safety of bonds and the yen.

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