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Who to believe

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The NSW Department of Education has rejected suggestions it was responsible for a mould outbreak at Robertson Public School that caused a young girl to become seriously sick.

Hayley McGee says it took almost three years to find out what was causing her daughter's illness.

11 year old Maryah who attended the school became seriously sick and at one point weighed just 26 kilograms.

Mrs. McGee has told ninenews.com.au she eventually suspected that mould problems at the school were the cause of her daughter's health problems.

However the Department says no medical evidence supporting these claims were given to the school.

Mould readings taken by an independent Hygenist since 2015 have indicated all mould levels to be within a safe range including tests in April this year.

The Carpet was replaced in a classroom last year, and air vents were installed in the walls and floors.