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Food & Wine Festival cancelled due to vocal minority

food and wine association

In breaking news this morning, the Southern Highlands Food and Wine Association has decided to cancel this year's Southern Highlands Food and Wine Festival.

The decision has been made because of delays in getting a development application approved to hold the festival at Berrima instead of Corbett Gardens.

Association President Mark Bourne says the DA was called up to go to a full vote of council instead of being decided under delegated authority by planning staff.

It's believed a number of residents in the Berrima area complained to a Councillor or Councillors.

The action means any decision on the DA would be delayed until August 8, which would give the association an unrealistic seven weeks to produce the festival.

Mr. Bourne says this has forced them to cancel the event.

It was expected to attract 8000 people to the village.

IMAGE CREDIT: Southern Highlands Food and Wine Festival