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Woman convicted of animal cruelty


A puppy breeder in Goulburn has been convicted of a number serious animal cruelty charges.

Back in June 2017, the RSPCA raided a property in the area after receiving a complaint.

As a result, 96 dogs were taken away including a a severely hydrocephalic Cavalier King Charles puppy, which had to be put down.

The remaining charges related to failure to provide veterinary treatment to 51 dogs for severe dental disease, dogs with difficulty breathing, dogs with eye conditions, 60 dogs with intestinal parasites and 96 dogs with flea infestations, as well as 66 dogs with ear infections.

68 year old Elaine Parsons received a two-year community corrections order and a combination of community release orders.

The Court prohibited Ms Parsons from owning or having in her possession more than five desexed adult dogs for a period of five years.

Magistrate Beattie said the order would prevent her from using dogs to breed.