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Holdom given two life sentences

Belanglo State Forest sign

Daniel Holdom has been handed two life sentences for the murders of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her two year old daughter Khandlyce.

Their bodies were found in separate states, five years apart.

Back in 2010 the remains of 20 year old Karlie were found in the Belanglo State Forest.

Holdom had stomped on her throat and crushed her windpipe, leaving her her body next to a tree.

In August 2015 Karlie's daughter Khandalyce was found stuffed inside a suitcase on the roadside near Wynarka, south-east of Adelaide.

During sentencing, Justice Robert Hulme says Holdom's actions were deliberate and he understood how wrong they were.

Holdom attempted to withdraw one of his guilty pleas, moments before sentencing began, but the application was rejected.