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Did you know there are deer in the Highlands?

deer alymerton

It appears more and more deer are travelling up the escarpment and into the Southern Highlands.

A number of listeners have contacted 2st in Bowral and sent photos of the animals on their properties.

It comes after 46 year old Paul McDonald man was killed while feeding one on his property at Wangaratta.

His wife Mandi is fighting for life in hospital.

George from White Dog Industries in the Southern Highlands has been doing fencing out on a property at Fitzroy Falls and has reported a number of deer out that way, aswell as plenty at Manchester Square.

Other listeners have seen the animals at Alymerton, and the Jellore Forest

George says they comes into properties from the surrounding National Parks and valleys and can do alot of damage to paddocks.

IMAGE CREDIT: Deer at Alymerton with cat in foreground, thanks to Carolyn