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Recycling the right way

recycle bins wingecarribee

Local residents are being reminded about the importance of updating their recycling habits and makesure we put the right items in our recycling bins.

It follows the launch of the Recycle Right campaign in Canberra last week.

Wingecarribee Council’s Waste Education and Policy Officer, Libby Guest says we’ve seen a steady increase in contamination rates across the shire.

Some helpful tips include:

• Keep it simple: Only recycle paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers.

• Keep out soft plastics: All soft plastics including bags, plastic wrapping, chip packets and bread bags. This includes degradable or compostable bags (these belong in the landfill bin).

  • • Keep out small items: Any items smaller than a credit card. All plastic lids now need to be removed from bottles and those smaller than a credit card put in your landfill bin.
    • Keep it safe: Keep out strapping, hose, netting, wires, building materials and other hazardous materials.
    • Keep it clean: Wipe or rinse any excess food and drink from all bottles, containers and tins before placing them in your recycling bin. Keep out food scraps, nappies and soiled paper.
    • Keep it loose: Place each item into your yellow recycling bin separately, don’t bag, box or contain recyclable items.

IMAGE CREDIT: Wingecarribee Council