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Wollondilly MP: 'I have a moral objection to abortion'

Nathaniel Smith at Corbett Gardens

Member for Wollondilly Nathaniel Smith will not be supporting a bill introduced into State Parliament to decriminalise abortion.

Mr. Smith claims almost all of the 450 calls and emails to his Electorate office have also expressed their opposition to the bill.

He spoke about the issue to a crowd of supporters outside Parliament and has likened it to a dodgy DA being approved at a council meeting at 11 o'clock at night.

He also believes the bill is a cut and paste of the Queensland Government’s 2018 Bill.

Meantime former Independent Candidate for Wollondilly Judy Hannan has a more moderate outlook on the issue and believes a wide range of questions should've been put to the community.

She doesn't believe a woman who's been raped should be made to go through a full pregnancy.