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Calls for petrol prices to drop further

petrol prices coles express

There's pressure for the significant falls in world oil prices to be immediately passed on to motorists.

Sydney’s wholesale fuel price is now reaching a dollar a litre - the lowest in four years.

N-R-M-A spokesman Peter Khoury says as the coronavirus affects household incomes - it's up to oil companies to do the right thing.

He says the fact that one third of service stations are over $1.60 is outrageous.

Here is a list of prices in Mittagong and Bowral from fuel check.

127.7 Mobil Mittagong
129.8 BP Mittagong
129.9 Caltex Bowral
129.9 Caltex Mittagong
129.9 Caltex Mittagong
137.9 Coles Express Bowral
139.7 Caltex Woolworths Bowral