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Life after bushfires

life after bushfires november 18

A new online resource is available for people who are still dealing with the trauma of last Summers bushfires.

' Life After Bushfires ' features a number of short films featuring the voices and stories of bushfire survivors.

Butch Young from Moss Vale is a Farm Reach Support worker and says there's a number of useful tips on how to deal with the recovery process.

For further details head to the SANE Australia website: https://www.sane.org/lifeafterbushfires/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Life%20After%20Bushfires%202&utm_content=Life%20After%20Bushfires%202+CID_4ee3052f07c183cf6035f58d4a4ebb5d&utm_source=campaign%20monitor&utm_term=Life%20After%20Bushfires