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Debate over future of Mittagong Pool

mittagong pool upgrade

It was revealed at this week's Wingecarribee Council meeting that storm damage to the Mittagong Pool has cost the community around $6.5 million dollars over the past five years.

And out of those five years, it's only been in use for two.

The facility has once again been closed until next swim season after that recent storm in December.

Wingecarribee Councillor Gary Turland told Wednesday's council meeting that a long term decision needs to be made about the pool's future and that it was a bad decision to build back in the creek bed.

He also believes it's only a matter of time before someone loses their life in a storm.

But Councillor Grahame Andrews labelled that comment out of order.

A petition containing 2000 signatures was put together by local residents in support of leaving the pool the way it is.

IMAGE CREDIT: Wingecarribee Council