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Open fires and chimneys - good maintenance can prevent house fires


More and more people are returning to open wood fires to warm their homes during the winter months, but stoking the embers can increase fire risk in the home.

Local government is asking people to burn only dry, aged hardwood and keep wood undercover in a dry ventilated area to reduce smoke pollution during winter.

Councils have the power to issue smoke abatement orders against homeowners.


NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent Scott Dodson said "Having your chimney cleaned yearly will boost efficiency and reduce smoke and the risk of roof fires."

He said "Open fires can pose a real risk, they need to be screened to avoid fires caused by embers and children should be kept well away from them to ensure their safety."

"Store wood logs at least a metre from the fireplace to avoid them heating up and catching fire." Superintendent Dodson said.

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