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Macquarie Pass closure affecting businesses

macquarie pass may 4 2022

The closure of Macquarie Pass is having an impact on businesses in Robertson.

A section of the Illawarra Highway is closed between Jamberoo Mountain Road and Yellow Rock Road due to a landslip.

The Robertson Business Chamber spoke with Whitlam MP Stephen Jones about the issue on Tuesday night and is hoping to do likewise with State MP Wendy Tuckerman.

President Tim Hewitt said the road needs a major upgrade.

"It's been talked about for a long time,

"It's a bit a goat track really for a highway, so long term something has to been done, because it's too dependent on the weather,"Mr. Hewitt said.

One of those businesses affected is the Robertson Pie Shop.

Owner Will Bleeker has had a 30 to 40 per cent decline in revenue, because of the closure.

He said unfortunately they have no idea when the highway will re - open.

"It would be nice if they let us know first what's going on and how long they expect it to take,

"We have workers coming up from the Coast and it's becoming more expensive for them to get to work,

"One hit a wombat the other day on Jamberoo Mountain Road"Mr.Bleeker said.

Image: NSW Roads via Facebook

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