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NSW state budget unveiled

state parliament june 21 2022

The NSW Government has unveiled the state budget and $8.5 million dollars has been allocated for the $55 million dollar stage two development at Bowral Hospital.

$6.6 million dollars will be spent on the Bowral Water Treatment plant.

The shire is also expected to get a share of blackspot funding for local roads.

Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith said $150 dollar back to school vouchers will be made available to parents for every school aged child across the state.

"They're going to be a big help for families who are getting kids back to school,

"A lot of money is also being invested in childcare, pre - school and the announcement of starting school one year earlier in 2030,"Mr. Smith said.

The budget also includes giving first home buyers the choice of paying up front stamp duty or an annual land tax, something which Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith wants to look at more closely.

"I want to go through the details of that a little more,

"We need to give every opportunity for young people to try and get into the market,

"There's massive demand for people trying to move into the area,"Mr. Smith said.

In Wendy Tuckerman's seat of Goulburn, $4.8 million dollars has been allocated for the Wombeyan Caves Tourism project.

Image: Michael Coghlan/Flickr

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