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More dogs being surrendered

dogs surrendered august 1 2022

The Green Paws Animal Sanctuary in Moss Vale is dealing with an increase in the number of pets being surrendered.

During the ' Puppy Pandemic ' pet ownership skyrocketed.

But now, Green Paws is getting three or four requests for surrender each day.

Co Founder Bella Sheil said there are a number of reasons for this.

"Having a baby and not having time for the dog is one we see quite often,

"Or a lot of the time people jump into adopting, without considering the breed, and they end up with a dog that's not suited to their situation,"Ms. Sheil said.

With the vet bills piling up the Sanctuary has set up a go fund me page click here

They also want to hear from people who'd like to become a foster carer.

Image: Julie/Flickr

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