Govt funding for Qld strawberry industry

The Queensland government has pledged $1 million to the state's crisis-hit strawberry farmers as they dump truckloads of fruit over a needle contamination scare.

Dozens feared affected by stone cutting

Dozens more workers could have contracted a life-threatening lung disease, as the Queensland government announces an immediate crackdown on dry-cutting artificial stone benchtops.

Paul McCartney lands No.1 album in US

Paul McCartney has returned to the top of the music charts for the first time in more than 36 years when his latest album, Egypt Station, opened at No.

Henry Winkler wins Emmy 42 years later

Henry Winkler has won the first Emmy of his career, more than four decades after he was first nominated for his role as The Fonz in Happy Days.

Burgess credits Seibold for NRL revival

South Sydney prop George Burgess has credited rookie coach Anthony Seibold for rebuilding a battered body that some believe was headed for the NRL scrapheap.

Russia says Ukraine shot down flight MH17

The Russian military says the missile that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, killing all 298 people on board, came from the arsenals of the Ukrainian army, not from Russia.

Abbott given free rein on indigenous role

Tony Abbott will be given free rein in his job as special envoy for indigenous affairs, with Scott Morrison backing the former prime minister to pursue his new role without toeing the government line.

Worst flooding yet to come for Carolinas

Deadly storm Florence has moved across western North Carolina and continues to dump rain that has nowhere to go except swell rivers, flood highways and homes and threaten more lives on its way to Virginia and New England.