Austin bombings suspect killed

A 24-year-old man suspected of a series of deadly bombings around Austin, Texas, has blown himself up on the side of a highway as police closed in on him, authorities say.

Woman stopped paying rent to afford car

A woman who felt pressured into buying a car she could not afford had to stop paying rent, borrow money from relatives and sell her mother's jewellery as she struggled to pay the loan.

US officer 'recklessly' killed Justine

Australian life coach Justine Damond put her hands on the bullet wound on the left side of her stomach and said "I'm dying" just moments after a Minneapolis police officer shot her, according to the prosecutor who announced murder and manslaughter charges against Mohamed Noor .

Minister calls NSW firies union 'bastards'

Volunteer firefighters have vowed to oppose any push to create a single fire service in NSW as the emergency services minister savaged the union representing professional firefighters as "bastards".

NT removes historical gay convictions

The Northern Territory government has moved to expunge the criminal records of people convicted of consensual homosexual relations prior to decriminalisation in 1984.

Welfare reform package passes upper house

People who fail to meet job-seeking obligations could have their dole payments docked for up to a month under sweeping changes to Australia's welfare system.

Katters reintroduce croc cull bill

Katter's Australia Party has reintroduced proposed legislation in Queensland parliament to manage the state's crocodile population, that would allow crocodile safaris and other management options.