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Black spot funding to address crucial safety upgrades on Flinders Road, South Nowra

20170518 101815

The sod has been turned and work is now underway on a series of crucial upgrades to Flinders Road in South Nowra, to make it safer in order to reduce the number of accidents.

New roundabouts and medians will be installed between Albatross Road and Norfolk Avenue.

$800,000 has been made available from the Federal Government.

In particular, the intersection on Albatross and Flinders road will be addressed with a number of accidents occurring there in recent times.

Managing director of Nowra Chemicals John Lamont said it has become a real problem.

"We've had accidents nearly every month of people literally right behind me, going into the fence, into the bush and actually t-boning here when cars are turning right and people are trying to beep them out of the intersection", Mr Lamont said.

The work is part of $6.7 million worth of upgrades planned for the route, including the South Nowra Heavy Vehicle Freight Corridor project.

There is still no word on where a much sought after truck stop will be situated, after plans for it to be located at Rotary Park fell through.

Photo credit: Andrew Page - Grant Broadcasters