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70 possible job cuts at HMAS Albatross ruled out by Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis


HMAS Albatross 2

The Federal Labor Candidate for Gilmore is calling on Minister for Regional Development Senator Fiona Nash to intervene and reverse 70 proposed job cuts at HMAS Albatross.

Labor claims Defence is proposing to cut the jobs from the Navy Aviation Systems Program Office based in Nowra.

Fiona Phillips says if the cuts were to go ahead, it would have a significant impact on the local economy.

"This has actually come from the first principal's review which started back in 2014 and announced its results in 2015", Ms Phillips said.

"They're all public documents, there was a further review conducted and that's led to this proposal", she said.

But Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis says she's been in contact with the Department of Defence and any cuts have been ruled out.

"The First Principals Review is always looking at different ways of going around things, but right now, there is absolutely no confirmation of this material what so ever", Ms Sudmalis said.

"We like to try and be as factual as possible", she said.

Ms Sudmalis said the review examined efficiencies into which way aviation technology could be delivered more appropriately.

"There are some amazing experts out at that place and I can not imagine how they could change what's going on out there", Ms Sudmalis said.

"Except that from 2013 to the present day, the construction jobs related to it and the aviation technology simulators, those jobs will have been in place now and there would be no role for such technicians in relationship to that right now", she said.

"Because the simulators and all the gear and computing is in place and it might be those people who might be not useful at this moment, but this is conjecture".

Story by Andrew Page - Photo credit: Department of Defence