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Coast and Highlands votes YES to Same Sex Marriage


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The Gilmore Electorate has voted a clear yes to Same-Sex Marriage.

Results according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

62 percent voted yes, a total of 59,322.

38 percent voted no, a total of 36,386

A total of 95,708 voted in the survey.


Meantime in the Southern Highlands, it was a clear yes as well.

For the Hume electorate, 58.6 percent voted yes, a total of 36,271.

41.4 percent voted no, a total of 36,271.

A total of 87,555 voted in the survey.

Coordinator for Marriage Equality Gilmore Dawn Hawkins said she was absolutely overwhelmed with the support.

"It's said to me that the people of Gilmore absolutely embrace our community and truly believe in and are committed to true equality in our area", Ms Hawkins said.

Meantime as Ann Sudmalis has always promised Gilmore voters, she will now act on their behalf and support Same-Sex Marriage.

"Whether it's yes I would vote yes if it was no I would have voted no, but it's resoundingly a yes vote and I will take that sentiment, that vote through to the house", Ms Sudmalis said.

Photo credit: Pixabay