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Our State and Federal MP's locked in political dog fight over Princes Highway funding

20171110 095205

A political dogfight between our local State and Federal Liberal MP's is ramping up again for all the wrong reasons over funding for the Princes Highway upgrade.

State MP's have been calling for an 80/20 funding split in line with major highway upgrades in other parts of the state.

But Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis insists case studies are needed.

"My hands are tied, I've done everything possible that I can do", Ms Sudmalis said.

"Now the State Government has to get their act together, push the RMS, work together, get it to Infrastructure Australia work with the Federal Minister, work with the Federal Member and we'll work together and we'll finally get a decent outcome", she said.

"I can't go to my minsters and say I want x dollars when I don't know what the x is".

Those comments have angered Kiama MP Gareth Ward.

"It's not appropriate for her to get around her electorate with her eyes closed and she should check out exactly what we're delivering", Mr Ward said.

"For her to attack both Shelley Hancock and I like that is totally unfounded", he said.

"I call on her to secure an 80/20 funding split and to do so quickly, we'll continue to deliver record investments into the Princes Highway, we want a partnership and that sort of language is just not helpful".

Story and Photo: Andrew Page