Shoalhaven News

Gareth Ward wants Shoalhaven to be included in State Government crack down on drug dealers living in social housing


Kiama MP Gareth Ward says he wants the Shoalhaven to be included in a State Government crackdown which will ban known drug dealers from living in certain public housing locations.

Under the changes, anyone who’s been charged or convicted of drug supply or manufacture will be banned from areas that are plagued by anti-social behaviour and crime problems.

The policy which has the backing of the New South Wales Police Force and being rolled out across Sydney is designed to make our communities safer and reduce the possibility of reoffending.

Mr Ward says it needs to be brought here as well.

"Drug dealers and drug peddlers who peddle in misery should be treated like the vermin that they are and that means when they apply for affordable housing, they should be pushed down the list", Mr Ward said.

"We've seen it before, where drug dealers and drug peddlers prey on the most vulnerable in our communities and that's often those from lower socio-economic communities", he said.