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Shoalhaven river watch removes junk from our iconic river

20170919 152821

Volunteers from Shoalhaven River Watch are disappointed to report a large amount of rubbish removed from their latest venture cleaning up our iconic river.

Items removed include shopping trolleys, tyres, wheels, push bikes and even an axle from the back of a truck.

While there’s less rubbish being collected now than recent years, volunteers remain concerned the message is not getting through.

Peter Jirgens says he was especially surprised at last weeks Shoalhaven City Council meeting to not pass a motion to increase the power of Council to deal with abandoned trolleys.

"We got 23 shopping trolleys out last year and 15 this year", Mr Jirgens said.

"If we had have spent another 3 or 4 hours we might have got another 20", he said.

"It's like pot luck throwing a hook with a 20-metre piece of rope on it, you just throw it out, pull it in and see what you catch".

Anyone who's interested in Joining Shoalhaven River Watch can visit their website: www.riverwatch.org.au 

Photo credit: Andrew Page