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Shoalhaven mayor defends $57 Million loan


Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley has defended a Council decision to apply for a $57 Million loan in the wake of scathing criticism from the Shoalhaven Independents.

Councillor Andrew Guile says the application process hasn't been thought out properly and it may conflict with Council’s divestment policy.

In response, Councillor Findley disagrees saying it’s all about not supporting fossil fuels and mining.

"It was supported by Council, I don't how the divestment policy actually works contrary to the t-corp policy and if Councillor Guile instead of being oblique would like to be more straightforward than that, then I'd appreciate his commentary", Councillor Findley said

But Councillor Guile remains concerned saying the agreement was never provided to Councillors.

"The agreement came to me 2 days after the meeting, 2 days after the Greens, Gash and Labor Councillors voted for a document they'd never seen", Councillor Guile said.

"That's when I actually got to see it, that's when I got to raise some questions, but of course it was all too late", he said.

"It had been passed by Councillors that were flying blind with a $57 MIllion liability for their ratepayers".