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Indigenous Versus All-Star Group 7 Round

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An exciting Group 7 Rugby League season is just around the corner and we'll get a taste of the action on Saturday with the Indigenous Versus All-Star Round.

The under 18s kick off at 10 am with Ladies League Tag from 3.30 pm and the main game getting underway from 6pm.

The games will be held at Rugby Park on Flinders Road at South Nowra.

Coach of the Indigenous under 23s team Nathaniel Morrison said it will be a classic speed versus size game.

"Our game plan will be really tapping into these kind of strengths which is their speed and their feet", Mr Morrison said.

"I think the group 7 side are going to be big and strong through the middle so we're just going to have to try and keep them out through there and do our best", he said.