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Council to launch inquiry on how it handled environmental contamination at Tomerong Quarry


Shoalhaven City Council has launched an inquiry into how it handled concerns of Environmental contamination at Tomerong Quarry.

The Quarry was fined $114,000 when it was found more than 1000 tonnes of carcinogenic fly ash and asbestos was illegally imported.

A damming deputation was presented by Peter Allison from the Tomerong Community Forum asking why Council was so lenient as that amount is less than 5 percent of the maximum penalty.

Mr Allison saying the fines should have been closer to $3 Million.

"Regarding the reasoning given for such a low penalty, it would appear this was an agreeable amount to all parties and a larger fine would have been questionable and contestable in court", Mr Allison said.

"The only reason for that is because Council staff have failed to enforce compliance for so long", he said.

Former Mayor Jo Gash and current Mayor Amanda Findley offered their apologies.

"As someone who's been elected for 10 years, I probably could have done more and those who have been elected for the same length of time as me or longer, or shorter could probably have done more", Councillor Findley said.

"So I take personal responsibility for that and I am sorry if I've let the community down", she said.

Photo credit: Shoalhaven's unwanted