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Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare writes to Federal Health Minister

20180514 124845

The Federal Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare has written to Health Minister Brad Hazzard expressing her concerns about staff to patient ratios at Shoalhaven Hospital.

Following her visit this week, Catherine King highlighted shortages of both acute beds and staff amid concerns staff and patients are being put at risk by the situation.

She says Federal Labor wants to know what plans the State Government has in place to improve the situation and if there's anything they can do to help.

Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis says Fiona Phillips needs to focus on the State Government.

"If the local candidate is so entranced with state issues then she should run for the State Government, not for Federal", Ms Sudmalis said.

"Because you need to know which bucket of money goes where and how to fight for it", she said.

"That's what you do, that's your job, make sure you know which Minister you go to, to get the right amount of money just like we did with the bridge".

Photo credit: Andrew Page