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Fresh calls for a pay rise for South Coast workers

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There are fresh calls to ensure workers across the South Coast receive wage increases that keep up with the cost of living.

It follows a national poll which shows 4 in 5 voters have either not received a pay rise in the past year or, if they have, it's failed to keep up with rising costs.

Of those surveyed, 82% say it's an important issue that will determine their vote.

ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, says change is needed.

“Working people need the tools and power to win fair pay rises", Ms McManus said.

"The enterprise-only bargaining system is failing with a large majority of working people reporting either no increase or inadequate increases in the past year", she said.

“Our system is out of balance: Big business has too much power and employers can just say no to fair pay rises".

 Photo credit: Pixabay